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Yes, Medical Degree awarded by the Ukraine Medical Institutions are Recognized not only by the Indian Government and also other countries in the World. To get Registration from Medical Council of India it is mandatory to clear the screening test called as Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Examination (FMGE) Conducted by the National Board of Examination.
Students completing the medical degrees in Ukraine are eligible to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test and all other licensing exams around the world.
In Ukraine most of the Medical Institutions are offering Medical education to foreign graduates in English Medium. Dnepropetrovsk Medical Academy (DMA) also offers Medical Education in English Medium. Thought the complete medical education is in English Language, DMA teach foreign students Russian Language so that foreign student can mingle with the local population and also fix the clear diagnosis while he is practicing at the hospital by understanding the patient complaint in local language.
Ukraine has a mostly temperate continental climate, although the southern coast has a humid subtropical climate. Precipitation is disproportionately distributed; Ukraine is very rich in agriculture with block soil. Almost all major fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and various types of milk products are available throughout the year in Ukraine. Ukraine is a best suitable place compare to other European countries. Indian restaurants also there are major cities in Ukraine.
Foreign student generally will be accommodated in the hostel. Hostels are multistoried, having central heating system and uninterrupted supply of cold and hot water for 24 hrs in 7 days. Rooms are available in Single / double and Triple Bedded with kitchen and toilet/ both rooms are available in the hostel. All rooms are furnished.
The currency used in Ukraine is Ukrainian Hyrivna (UAH ) and coins are known as Kopiyka.
Exchange rate as in May 2015, please check currency exchange for latest updates
1 USD = 20.75 UAH
1 EURO = 23.30 UAH
1 GBP = 32.60 UAH
100 INR = 32.40 UAH
Students can pay the tuition fees in two installments directly to the university bank account or also can pay directly to the Dean office of the University.
In the first two to three month of stay usually the student will spend more, say around USD 300 – USD 500 per month to buy the necessary items to settle down, like winter jackets, winter shoes, and other necessary things. From third month onwards student can manage with an average amount of 150 USD -200 USD depending on their own life style.
Those who are studying in engineering course can do some part time job. But for Medical Graduates due to tight schedule in clinical practices practically it is not possible to do part time job.
We can assist to provide all the supporting documents for getting Bank loan. However, we cannot influence the Bank to provide the loan.
Yes, student can travel to European countries like United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and Turkey and also to other countries during summer and winter holidays. Ukraine is well connected with Europe by road and railways.

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